About us

What is Ben's Best?

Ben’s Best Charcuterie is as authentic as it gets.  Using only high-quality meat and methods that have been around for centuries, Ben’s Best is able to achieve high quality kosher charcuterie that equals any of the non-kosher charcuterie found worldwide.  Ben’s Best keeps its standards high, using, as mentioned, only the highest quality of meat, with only natural ingredients.  

Who Makes Ben's Best?

French Chef Benjamin Lapin started Ben’s Best to bring French quality Charcuterie to the Kosher world.

Born in the French Alps, Ben was the sous chef at Paris’ top Kosher restaurant, before graduating at the top of his class from the Culinary Institute of America.  

Ben has traveled all over Europe in order to refine his Charcuterie recipes.  From his experience and training, he has worked with recipes that have been around for hundreds of years using non-kosher meat, and has changed those recipes in order to make Kosher Charcuterie.